About Us

Hunt the Wild is an online blog that offers a variety of information to hunters and anglers. On our page you will find tips, tricks, strategies, and recipes that can be utilized in real life/field situations.



Who We Are

We're a group of hunters and anglers that enjoy sharing our outdoor experiences with the world. We are deer hunters, waterfowl hunters, small game hunters and everything in between. Our staff is based in multiple states, allowing viewers to see a wide range of habitats and situations.

Our Mission

Hunt the Wild's mission is to bring hunters and anglers together to create a community focused on wildlife conservation, wild food and a deeper

understanding of mother nature.

We want the world to see hunting in its rawest form, the high's and the low's, the good and the bad, the struggles and the victories.

Through our experiences we hope to help hunters and anglers better understand the relationship between people and nature, and how our actions today can impact hunting and fishing for future generations.