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We all know them, and you could be one of them. They’re our friends, our neighbors, our acquaintances and our enemies. They’re friendly, they’re mean and they’re somewhere in the middle. Often outspoken but sometimes abstained from conversations, this group of people is made up of all colors, shapes and sizes. Woven together by beliefs and practices, anti-hunters share the universal goal of eliminating hunting and its heritage. They claim to want to save the animals but are doing exactly the opposite and here’s why.

Who’s got the jingle?

It’s estimated that hunters spend eight million dollars a day on wildlife conservation in the United States. All ethical and morally correct hunters purchase licenses, tags, and stamps. The purchasing of these items fund state and federal agencies, allowing them to survey, study and oversee the common welfare of our wildlife. By doing this, we are able to maintain a more sustainable and healthy heard while providing jobs for millions of people. Eliminate the hunter and you eliminate the wildlife. I don’t see anti-hunting organizations donating this type of money.

Elbow Grease

In my 25 years on this vast and beautiful earth, I am yet to see or hear of an anti-hunter volunteering to keep game populations in check. Healthy population levels eliminate the possibly for over harvest, assuring that the species won’t go extinct. If anti-hunters want to save the wildlife, they should get their hands dirty and contribute to conservation instead of sitting around bitching about it.

The long haul

Often times when I speak to people about them being anti-hunting, seldom do I hear them refer to the big picture. “Those poor animals” is something I hear quite often, and sometimes that saying makes me want to dig my eye balls out with a spork. When viewing conservation, it’s important to look at the big picture and know that whatever you’re doing is for the greater good. I believe anti-hunters often get so caught up in thinking about the individual animals that they fail to recognize the plan and how to plan is going to keep the species thriving. In the proper moderation, hunting is a phenomenal tool that keeps populations in check and eliminates disease. It truly saves the species in the long term.

Think about this

Just because you buy a hunting or fishing license doesn’t mean you have to participate in the activity’s. Purchasing one or both will support state and federal wildlife and help preserve the animals for the future. Think about future generations, the animals, and the planet. The hunters do.



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