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Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I would first like to thank you for stopping in to read the second post of my blog. I want to continue teasing your minds will all sorts different food for thought so I've decided to write another post. Enjoy!

When I think about preserving our heritage and values as outdoorsman/outdoors women, I feel the biggest threat emerges not from the outside, but from the inside. To keep this post from being too complex, I want to touch base on three major things that I think could potentially destroy the hunting and fishing community.


Let’s be honest, society just isn't what it used to be. If you look back 50, 75 or even 100 years, you will notice a greater number of hunters and anglers than you do now. My theory? It’s not so much that people are against hunting and fishing, as it is a "I wasn't born into it" or " I don’t have anyone to teach me" mentality. If we want future generations to carry on the traditions of our ancestors, then by God we have to teach the small percentage that wants to learn to do it! Not only do they have to be taught, but they need to be instructed in the correct manner. For example, if you are not a hunter but your son wants to learn how to hunt, don’t send him to get lessons from his long-lost cousin Billy Bob the deer poacher. Catch my drift?

What’s a Trashcan?

Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s heads. The amount of litter I find while out hunting and fishing is completely disgusting. No matter where I go or how far I walk into the woods, it never fails to have some sort of human presence. The world we live in today is ever changing and "going green" is happening. I think if hunters and anglers don't do something to highly decrease the amount of litter that we drop or negligently leave in the field, it’s only going to allow the anti's more ammunition to shut down what is already a criticized sub culture by many. Is it really that hard to pick it up?


Nothing forms an opinion faster than the first image you portray. I can't over stress how important image is to keeping hunting and fishing around for the future. Take a step in someone else shoes for a second and try to understand this perspective. You're a 36-year-old soccer mom walking into Walmart with her two kids on a Sunday afternoon. As you approach the door you observe a truck with no muffler, a dead deer strapped to the hood and two grown men drinking beer and tossing cans out the window. Your kids are frightened and start crying, and you're pissed. Billy Bob and his buddy just created three anti hunters. You might as well put Crisco on a rope, hold on and jump off the side of a cliff. See Ya!



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