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The Disapperence of Squirrel Hunters

Hello Everyone! I am excited to start this new journey as a blogger and I look forward to creating content.

With July already being halfway over, I cannot express the amount of excitement that I have for the upcoming hunting seasons which generally start in August for us Hoosiers. In my first entry, I would like to touch base on something that has had me baffled for awhile and still to this day I do not understand. Can you guess what it is?

For myself, the anticipation of August seems like it grows stronger every season. I feel like once June and July get here the days suddenly drag by growing slower and slower by the hour. I often find myself thinking about these critters running through the tree tops when my mind should be focusing on things that are happening around me. I am certainly guilty of day dreaming! If you still haven't guessed what it is, let whisper you a little hint "tree rat."

Squirrel hunting never fails at getting me fired up! There is just something about waking up to that first hunt of the year knowing that it’s time to put some serious time back into the woods. There’s something euphoric about walking into the squirrel woods for the first time in the season. When I imagine what a hit of ecstasy would be like, this is what comes to mind. It’s simply unexplainable, which leads me to the question "Why isn't everyone doing this?" 

Since I was a kid, I remember squirrel hunting with my dad and my brother and hearing stories about other family members squirrel hunting their whole lives. It’s like something has happened in the last 25-50 years and the number of squirrel hunters has declined substantially. Is it because it’s too much work? Has society become lazy? Maybe there isn't

enough squirrels to go around? Honestly, I can't seem to figure it out.

A theory that often floats around in my head when this question seems to engulf my mind is that squirrels are not simply flashy enough or considered to be a trophy like deer and turkey are around my home state in Indiana. I often times feel like the hunting shows on tv have influenced outdoorsman/outdoorswomen in the wrong manner. It’s like if they can't share it on social media as being a 130-class buck or a mature tom they want nothing to do with it. Maybe people are hunting for the wrong reasons? 

Whatever the case I’ll keep squirrel hunting and passing it on to whomever wants to learn, and I am eager to hear everyone’s theories and input!

Thanks for reading!


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