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Ticks and Chiggers Oh MY!

Whether you’re hunting, hiking, fishing or just on a picnic you’ve probably crossed paths with ticks and chiggers. These days, there are many products on the market that repel them, but the odor from the chemicals can often be extremely strong. Oder (believe it or not) can really make or break a hunt so “chemical free” and odorless is important to keep from spooking game. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases and chiggers are just annoying, so if you want to be safe as well enjoy yourself it’s important to do something to repel them.

A trick I learned many years ago hunting with my dad and his buddies was to use sulphur powder.  Sulphur powder repels these pests and the odor doesn’t spook game as it is a natural odor. Years ago, you could purchase sulphur powder at any drugstore or pharmacy, but these days it usually has to be ordered. Thank God for the internet!

Most of the time, I order mine from the pharmacy at the grocery store. It comes in a plastic bottle with a safety seal under the cap. To apply, I’ll punch several small holes in the seal and use it like a saltshaker. Adding the powder to a sock and dusting yourself with it works well also! Apply the powder to your boots around the top and to the seams on your pants. If you sit on the ground at all you’ll want to apply it around your waist band. Its truly a life saver.

I hope sharing this info helps you stay bite free on your next trip into the woods. I know it works for me, and I always keep a bottle in my truck!

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